Scaling to Meet the Moment

August 10, 2023
What's New
An Update for our Partners, Stakeholders, and Industry Leaders

Scaling to Meet the Moment

The science is clear that we need to reduce and remove massive amounts of CO2 by 2030 to address climate change.  It’s also clear that Direct Air Capture (DAC) needs to play a critical role in this global transition to Net Zero.

That’s why Global Thermostat’s mission is to develop and deploy the world’s best Direct Air Capture technologies to unlock new, air-based sources of carbon for the global economy and address climate change at scale.

We’re excited to share this update about our progress. We’re not waiting for 2030. We’re moving now. The rewards are priceless and the challenge is massive.  So we invite you to join us as a partner on this critical journey.

Global Thermostat's commercial DAC technology situated in Commerce City, Colorado

Scaling in Multiple Dimensions

Based on a decade of deep R&D, Global Thermostat has identified and patented a fundamentally advantaged DAC technology that we believe is on the lowest cost, broadly scalable pathway.

We also have one of the most advanced direct air capture solutions in the world, and today operate one of the largest, commercial-scale direct air capture plants, ever.

We’re now seeing rapidly increasing global demand for our DAC solution, so we’re growing as fast as we can to meet the moment…

Sumitomo Corporation and Global Thermostat

Established a Strategic Partnership with Sumitomo

We’re excited to announce that the leading global infrastructure company, Sumitomo Corporation, has invested in Global Thermostat and signed a commercial collaboration agreement to jointly develop projects globally. Our companies are now actively exploring sites and applications for pioneering carbon removal and utilization projects in the US, Middle East, Asia and beyond.

A group of people standing in front of a Global Thermostat Direct Air Capture unit

Launched Global Thermostat Japan

Our collaboration with Sumitomo builds on our May 17th launch of Global Thermostat Japan (a joint-venture with Japan-based ICMG Co., Ltd.) as well as Tokyo Gas’ investment and signing of a commercial collaboration agreement with Global Thermostat earlier this year.

Scaling our Solutions

Our solution is inherently scalable, with stackable contactors, mass manufacturability, and the use of existing high volume supply chains. We provide DAC at varied scales to meet the market’s growing needs:

  • The T-series: Our pilot-scale DAC unit captures up to 10 tonnes of CO2/year depending on local climate, and offers the ability to test the operation of Global Thermostat’s DAC technology using local air and utilities, generating both useful product for test-case usage as well as operational data for commercial applications. The first T-series will be delivered this summer to a customer in Hawaii as part of an EERE-funded algae production project. Several others are in the fabrication pipeline.
  • The K-series:  In April, we launched Global Thermostat’s Kiloton-Scale Direct Air Capture unit. With a capture capacity of 1,000+ tonnes of CO2/year depending on local climate, it is the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Since the launch we’ve gained interest from top-tier partners seeking our DAC Solution for a variety of carbon sequestration and carbon-to-value applications. In case you missed the launch, view the event highlights video and our official launch announcement.
  • The M-series: Global Thermostat is completing a DOE-funded engineering design with Black & Veatch, Sargent & Lundy and other industry leaders for megaton, utility-scale applications. We look forward to sharing updates with you on the M-series in the coming months!
A series of images showcasing work and technology at Global Thermostat

Growing the Team

Our team of business leaders, engineers and scientists has tripled over the last two years. Global Thermostat includes some of the most deeply experienced talent in the industry, as well as those who have a successful track record of building other revolutionary technology businesses. Today, we’re excited to announce two new additions to our senior team as we build a truly world class business to meet the moment:

An experienced commercial leader from the industrial gas and energy sectors, Kenn Kerr, recently joined our team as Senior Vice President of Commercial Development. A bit about Kenn:

  • 25+ years of experience in industry and 20+ in industrial gases
  • Former Group VP of Business Development at Mistras Group
  • Former Director of Sales & Business Development at Air Liquide

We’ve also stood up our Deployment Engineering team under the experienced leadership of Brianna Atherton, our Vice President of Plant Design & Manufacturing. Brianna brings with her:

  • 20+ years of experience in design, construction and operations
  • A special focus on first-of-a-kind facilities

Expanding Our World-Class Facilities

Global Thermostat has one of the most advanced research, development, and engineering facilities in the industry at our Headquarters near Denver, Colorado. This year we’ve continued to expand our:

  • State-of-the-art Labs & Analytic Capabilities
  • Bench, Pilot and Commercial Scale Testing Facilities
  • Fabrication Workshops

These unique assets enable us to rapidly cycle new advancements from the lab to the field, capture new intellectual property, and improve our solutions for deployment at increasingly larger scales.