ICMG CO., LTD. and Global Thermostat establish innovative joint venture, 'Global Thermostat Japan', in bold response to climate change

May 17, 2023
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TOKYO, JAPAN - In a significant step towards creating a sustainable society and addressing global warming, ICMG Co., Ltd. has officially signed an agreement with Global Thermostat, a leader in climate change solutions, to establish the 'Global Thermostat Japan' joint venture.

Global Thermostat Japan embodies our shared commitment to combat one of the most profound challenges facing humanity — climate change. The venture aims to leverage advanced technology to directly capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, thereby driving the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Thermostat's CEO, Mr. Paul Nahi, stated, “We are thrilled to launch Global Thermostat Japan with our joint-venture partners, ICMG Co., Ltd. We see a bright future working together and many exciting opportunities to work with industry leaders across Japan and Asia — from corporate customers to project developers, engineering firms, suppliers, and governments and more — to deploy our advanced direct air capture solution to address the region’s low carbon product and net zero target needs.”

Meanwhile, ICMG's CEO, Mr. Hitoshi Funabashi, commented, “Since its founding in 2000, ICMG has promoted intellectual capital management that focuses on value creation from human capital and has successfully completed numerous projects.

“ICMG's strategic investment in Global Thermostat began three years ago with a search for a path forward. With an overwhelming sense of commitment to halting global warming, the most important social issue of our time, we have been able to start this project by co-creating with like-minded people and leaders across organizations, companies, societies, and nations.

“We are now at the starting line, and we are ready to connect to the next generation.

“We are determined to accomplish this project together with all of you, without fear.
I am convinced that this will be a clear demonstration of the value of contribution to society that goes beyond profit, which Japanese companies have always valued.

“At Global Thermostat Japan, collaboration with diverse stakeholders across industry, government, and academia is essential to transforming the future. Furthermore, the establishment of Global Thermostat Japan is just one significant step towards resolving climate change. As we embark on this challenging journey, we sincerely invite everyone to join us in our mission. Together, let's confront climate change and act towards creating a healthy, sustainable society for future generations.”