A uniquely efficient and powerful direct air capture solution

Our patented solid adsorption process uses highly efficient fans to blow air through proprietary contactors that bind to CO2, which is then separated out with low-temperature heat.

Fundamentally Advantaged

Efficient Movement of Air

Industrial fans deliver air to our CO2 contactors at high speeds

Optimized CO2 Capture

Proprietary contactors with customized surface geometry & sorbents optimize CO2 capture

Low Temperature Heat

Fast delivery of low-temperature heat releases the CO2 for sequestration or use

Capital Efficiency

Near-continuous utilization of key capital equipment drives lower cost per ton 

Designed for continuous improvement

Future generations of contactors are drop-in compatible as we refine them

Highly Advanced

Global Thermostat also has one of the most advanced direct air capture solutions in the world

We have years of experience of continuously running our core technology and operate one of the largest, commercial-scale direct air capture operating plants, ever.

Inherently Scalable

Our core technology can be scaled to virtually any output.

The capture process takes place in millimeter-sized channels. These can be stacked to achieve whatever capacity is desired.

We are currently offering solutions from tons, to kilotonnes, to megatons:




Future Focused

Our state-of-the art facilities enable us to continuously improve our solutions for enhanced performance and deployment at increasingly larger scales

Partner with us

Our solution is designed to enable low operating and capital costs along with maximum modularity and flexibility for a broad range of operating conditions.

We’d love to be your air carbon solution partner.