Driving the next industrial revolution and restoring the Earth’s actual thermostat through direct air capture

Our mission is to develop and deploy the world’s best direct air capture technologies to unlock new, air-based sources of carbon for the global economy and address climate change at scale.

Our goal is to build a truly world-class business that measurably impacts the actual temperature of the planet...


Passion for Performance

Founded in 2010, our passion has always been to develop the most cost-efficient way to capture CO2 from air through fundamental science and disciplined engineering.


Unrivaled Experience

Over the past decade, we’ve gained unparalleled experience about the critical drivers of performance for direct air capture, proven our technology at multiple scales, and secured over 100 patents.



We believe that the circular carbon economy must be built in a way that increases prosperity, sustainability, and equity. We value extraordinary talent, excellent execution, passion for our mission, and a collaborative and constructive mindset in our colleagues and partners.

Our Facilities

We have unique, advanced testing and analytic capabilities at our state-of-the art facilities near Denver, Colorado, that enable us to continuously improve our solutions for deployment at increasingly larger scales

Our Team

Our growing team of business leaders, engineers, and scientists includes some of the most deeply experienced talent in the industry, as well as those who have a successful track record of building other revolutionary technology businesses.