David Elenowitz

Chief Executive Officer

David Elenowitz is Founder and CEO of Zero Carbon Systems (ZCS). Mr. Elenowitz is co-inventor of Zero Carbon Systems’ innovative engineering design, which leverages core technology developed by Global Thermostat over a 10-year period. He had previously invested in Global Thermostat through Zero Carbon Partners, an investment firm he founded in 2019 to scale companies in the low-carbon space, funded with $100 million of his personal capital.  Previously, Mr. Elenowitz ran Mercury Capital, a private equity firm, where he led the acquisition and ran a number of companies with total revenues in excess of $1 billion – including Empire Today, a flooring company he grew (as CEO) from $40 million to $700 million in revenues, and successfully exited in 2016. He began his career at global strategy consulting firm Bain & Company.