Tom Tateno

Managing Director

At Global Thermostat Japan Tom Tateno is responsible for managing, formulating and executing long term business development strategies and directing all interactions with clients and partners in Japan and Asian countries.

After earning a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Keio Graduate School of Science and Technology in Japan, Mr. Tateno began his career with JGC Corporation as an oil refinery and LNG project management systems engineer in South East Asia, Middle East, and West Africa In the mid 1980's.

Mr. Tateno joined Recruit Co. (information Services Giant in Japan) as a Senior Vice President of its US subsidiary and built Data Center Management business including but not limited to $200M Data Center construction and IBM Mainframe / Cray Supercomputer operations  in NY/NJ from ground zero in early 1990's.After moving to Silicon Valley in 2000, Mr. Tateno led a Japanese software company's US entry, managed $80 Million Corporate Venture capital fund , and purchased (M&A) of a Canadian start-up.

At ICMG (joint venture partner of Global Thermostat Japan), he conducts US - Japan cross border business development, direct Interim Management engagements, and assists US high-tech start-ups in securing venture capital financing for their cross border operations , as well as strategic alliance partnerships, as warranted.