Paul Nahi


Paul Nahi became CEO of Global Thermostat in September 2022 to make the company a leader in the circular carbon economy,  and an instrumental part of the solution to keeping the global temperature  increase to 1.5 degrees C. Mr. Nahi served as CEO of Enphase, one of the most  successful cleantech companies in history, for 11 years. He took the company  public and grew it from a small startup in 2007 to a major solar company with  over 1,000 employees and $325 million in annual revenues by 2017; today it  has a market cap of $38 billion. Mr. Nahi has recently been Founder and CEO  of Solidspac3, a construction technology company reducing re-work and the  carbon footprint of the construction industry. Before Enphase, Mr. Nahi  served as President and CEO of Crimson Microsystems, developing the world’s  most integrated synchronous optical networking and synchronous digital  hierarchy (SONET/SDH) system-on-chip solution. He founded Accelerant  Networks, delivering the world’s first 6.25Gb/s and 12Gb/s serial backplane  transceiver. Mr. Nahi also had roles at NEC Electronics and Diamond  Multimedia.