Nicholas Eisenberger

Board member

Nicholas Eisenberger has over a decade of experience  in the direct air capture industry. An early investor and long-time Senior  Advisor to Global Thermostat, Mr. Eisenberger leads the Company’s efforts to  develop emerging market opportunities around the world, engage with  governments, and build a collaborative ecosystem of partners and stakeholders  for deploying our solutions at scale. In the carbontech sector, Mr.  Eisenberger led the effort to raise ~$100MM from a consortium of global  energy companies and governments to launch the Carbon XPRIZE and founded the  Circular Carbon Network with the XPRIZE Foundation to accelerate the flow of  capital and commercial activity in the sector. He co-founded and serves as a  director of the CREO Syndicate, a network of family office investors with  several trillion dollars of accumulated wealth focused on opportunities in  the clean economy, and chairs CREO ́s Carbon Removal Committee. He also  founded and chairs the Direct Air Capture Coalition, which is focused on mobilizing  society to accelerate the deployment of DAC solutions globally. Mr.  Eisenberger serves on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Direct Air Capture  Advisory Council and the Carbon-to-Value Initiative’s Carbontech Leadership  Council. Previously, Mr. Eisenberger served as Managing Partner of  GreenOrder, which he and his partners established as one of the most  influential sustainability strategy firms and sold in 2008. Additionally, Mr.  Eisenberger was the CEO of Ecos Technologies, an online energy management  company and a venture capital investor at Churchill Capital, one of the first  dedicated cleantech funds. In the mid-1990s, he co-founded, a  pioneering public Internet marketing company that was purchased by United  Airlines. Called one of the “Go-to-guys” in sustainable business by Fortune,  he is widely recognized for his groundbreaking work with global companies  such as GM, DuPont, HP, and GE, whose multi-billion dollar ecomagination  initiative Mr. Eisenberger played a key role in guiding from its launch. Mr.  Eisenberger holds honors degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School.