Ko Funahashi


After graduating from University of California, Berkeley, Ko Funahashi started his career at Isin Corporation, a Japanese B2B media company, where he interviewed over 100 startups, venture capital firms, accelerators, and university research institutions in the U.S.. In 2019, Mr. Funahashi worked on developing and hosting programs with Berkeley Executive Education (University of California, Berkeley) and d.school (Stanford University) for major Japanese electronics companies.

Mr. Funahashi joined ICMG Silicon Valley in 2020 to support Japanese companies in their innovation efforts, leading collaboration between Japan, Singapore, Silicon Valley startups, and the University of California, Berkeley.

He then joined ICMG Japan office in 2021, where he is in charge of a global HR development program which aims at fostering individuals' skills to become a global leader through business development with overseas startups invested by ICMG Partners.