Hidetoshi Kikuchi

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Hidetoshi Kikuchi is responsible for formulating and executing growth strategies for Global Thermostat Japan. Mr. Kikuchi also leads collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and government in Japan and Asia to establish a Circular Carbon Economy. Mr. Kikuchi graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kyoto University where he conducted research focusing on the optimal design and operation of air separation units using the PSA method.

After graduating from university, Mr. Kikuchi gained various business experiences at Recruit, and later joined the founding team of Actcell (the predecesor of ICMG). His expertise lies in the field of business incubation, and has 20+ years of extensive experience in multiple corporate transformation and new business development projects across diverse sectors such as conglomerate electronics, energy, automotive, railway, IT, materials, food, distribution, consumer goods, and broadcasting.